In our production facilities in Cressier in the canton of Neuch√Ętel in Switzerland, many elbow propeller pumps for the salt industry have been manufactured in recent months. The production of two large axial pumps DN 900 (RPP 901 LB8.1) in Monel 400 and 411 was particularly challenging and interesting.

The two Egger pumps were produced in order to meet the request of a Thai customer who wanted to be able to interchange them with his own pumps on site. The pumping of brine sludge at high temperature and containing solids presents a challenge due to its abrasive and corrosive nature for the installations.
The elbow propeller pumps of more than 2 tons each will be suspended in the pipeline and driven by a V- belt coupling and a motor adjusted on the ground by means of guide rails. As a result, the alignment will be carried out directly on site in Thailand.